- Drill ship
   - Sinter plants
   - Coke Oven
   - Lime and Dolomite     Plant
   - Bolast Furnance
   - Casters
   - Rolling Mills
Top drive system
Hydropneumatic compensator system


High durability, water resistance
and good lubrication
Anti-wear performance with high
stroke, pressured weight.
Anti-seize, Stable COF, COT Anti-corrosion
Molykote P-40
Molykote P-1500
Molykote G-67 pressure oil
Molykote TP-42 paste
Molykote 1122 chain grease
Molykote P 1600
Molykote 1000 paste
Molykote G rapid plus paste 
Molykote CU-7439 paste
Heat exchanger
Hydraulic winch and electric motor

BOP choke kill manifold k

Heat resistance
Oil sealing
Dielectric property
Anti-wear and corrosion     
Good compatiability with
rubber  Electric contact
High pressure, oil & gas leakage
Molykote P-37
Molykote HTP
Dowcorning 7091 sealantMolykote 4,7,111
Molykote P-40 paste
Molykote G-72 grease
Molykote G-1050 grease
Molykote HSC plus
Molykote 7508 Valve grease
Molykote 1102 Gas cock grease
Knuckle Boom Crane
Dehydration system

Turbine generator

High load capacity, anti-noise and anti-corrosion
High temperature, good lubrication
High speed lubrication, Gas stream flow, High temperature
AFC coating for Pin, bush
Molykote P-1600     
Molykote 165LT 
Molykote Multilub 
Molykote 41 grease
Molykote P-37 paste     
Molykote G-0102 high load
bearing grease
Molykote G-0010
bearing grease  
Molykote Longterm 2
bearing grease
Molykote BG-20 high
temp bearing grease
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보성이엘에스 (주)